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To make your dreams to be a star a reality, Toffee has arrived with Toffee Star Search!

Make your video, show your talent around the country and be a Toffee Star!

Create a channel and upload your performance. Your talent will be judged by the audience and your favorite star judges!

So what are you waiting for? Participate now in Country’s Biggest Talent Hunt Reality Show and win prizes worth 1 crore!

Toffee Star Search Registration Rules

  • A participant will have to create his/her own channel in Toffee and will have to upload video content from that channel under “Toffee Star Search” category.
  • The contestant will have to use specific tags with the video. (#toffeestarsearch, #ToSS).
  • Each participant can upload more than one video from his/her channel.
  • If your talent video gets selected through audience positive reactions (views, likes, gains, shares), you will be invited for an audition
  • The more view and reaction your video gets, the more your chances will be to get selected.
  • Out of top 500 individuals/group 240 will be selected for the Studio round 1.
  • Top 80 individuals/group will be selected for Studio Round 2
  • 30 participants will be selected for the final round (24 from Studio Round 2 and 6 from Wild Card Entry)
  • Total 30 contestants will go for the studio round to face 3 main judges.
  • Based on the judges marking top 10 will be selected for the final round.
  • Before the final round, bottom performers will enter danger zone and will face challengers coming from Wild Card Entry.
  • Any participants/group eliminated can come back with a wild card entry every week
  • Online video submission will be open till the finale. Participants can always submit their videos and earn points to get a chance to get a Wild Card Entry
  • The top 30 participants based on Judge’s points and video performance after the final round will get a chance to win prize worth 1 crore taka
  • Parents will receive the prize money for the participants under age 18 years
  • Wild Card Entries will be published on the leader board every week and can be seen at

Terms of participation

  • A contestant has to be at the age of 18 and possess National ID of Bangladesh. Participants under 18 are eligible to participate by opening a channel through a suitable guardian.
  • Toffee Star Search Authority and Banglalink Digital Communications Limited reserves the right to disqualify and/or remove any person any time.
  • Toffee Star Search holds every right to change or modify any of the rules and regulations for the contest at any point of time.
  • Toffee Star Search Authority may at any time and at its own discretion require proof of your identity and/or eligibility to be selected
  • Employees of Banglalink Digital Communications Limited and Mediacom Limited or their close family members will not be able to participate in this contest
  • Toffee Star Search Authority reserves the right to save, promote and edit the video/image of your submission and the video/image of the contest participants

Video Capture Rules

  • Videos have to be a minimum length of 10 seconds and a maximum length of 10 minutes.
  • The video must mention or display the contestant’s name and identity
  • 200+ songs list provided by Toffee can be used for song covers, dance background music, and for any other videos.
  • Contestants can use own songs (lyrics and tune by himself/herself- he/she must mention)
    Contestants can cover songs of Rabindranath, Lalon, and Hason Raja.

Contest Rules

  • A participant/contestant will have to create his/her own channel in Toffee and will have to upload video content from that channel under the “Toffee Star Search” category.
  • While uploading, the participants must use specific hashtags with the video i.e. #toffeestarsearch or #ToSS.
  • Each participant can upload more than 1 (one) video from his/her channel, which will be selected based on the audience feedback.
  • If your uploaded talent video gets selected through audience feedback (views, reactions) you will be invited for a divisional audition.
  • Based on “Toffee Points,” 500 (Five Hundred ) contestants would be selected for the Round-1.


Voting on final performances is going on. Like, Reacts, Share will bring Toffee Point! Voting ends on 13 February 2022.



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